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We are a company of nature lovers located in the heart of the Drôme, in Valence, a pioneer region of organic agriculture,

cradle of Lavandin and at the forefront of ecology. Our desire for simplicity and our love of nature drive us every day

to design natural, authentic and multi-purpose products with healthy, effective and sensory formulas.

We have established a demanding quality charter that respects your health, the human being and the planet.

Go back to basics. 

We have chosen to go back to basics, to meet the real needs of the

skin, hydration and protection, so that it remains beautiful 

and healthy.

Active cosmetics, a fusion of old-fashioned beauty secrets with natural

and organic ingredients that have been recognized for their

effectiveness for thousands of years, and the latest scientific advances

that increase the performance of active ingredients while respecting

their integrity.

Going to the essential with simple and innovative formulas,

consuming just what we need to minimize our impact and

respect our health.

A demanding quality charter respectful of your health, the human being and the planet.

* Natural, authentic and multi-purpose products with healthy, effective and

sensorial formulas.

* Essential ingredients, vegetable, organic and vegan, with the least possible

transformation drawn respectfully from the heart of nature.

* Products formulated and manufactured only in France.

* A short line that respects the planet, with recyclable packaging and

no superfluous items.

* A total transparency on the formulation of our products.

* An ethical and social mission, supporting the local economy and favoring the

supply of raw materials in France.

* An eco-responsible and committed brand, labeled Slow Cosmetics.



At the heart of our mission; ethical commitments and respect for nature.

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Our range of products is in the process of obtaining the COSMOS Certification via the certifying body COSMECERT,

and in the process of joining the COSMEBIO association, located a few steps away from our premises, in the Drôme,

in support of the local economy.



Natural ingredients with preserved benefits.

Our vegetable oils are virgin and obtained by first cold pressing,

in order to preserve their vitamins and thus nourish and protect the skin.

Our oils are 100% pure and organic.

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