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We are an ecological company that innovates for cosmetic products that are both healthier and better for the planet.

Since 2021, we carry the Slow Cosmétique® label, an international quality label that guarantees a natural product, without synthetic materials,

but also without components that are harmful to health or the environment.

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Why did we receive the label? 

With our human-sized company, our local roots

and our natural range, eco-designed with truly noble

ingredients, NATURHÔNA embodies the sensible cosmetics

promoted by the Slow Cosmétique® Label.

Our ecological formulas and our artisanal manufacturing make it

one of the most committed alternatives in the beauty market.


The 4 pillars of the Slow Cosmetics Chart: 

The importance of artisanal cosmetics for the earth and humans:

Artisanal cosmetics are by nature more sustainable than conventional cosmetics.

Clean formulas, low-energy manufacturing processes, local sourcing,

minimalist packaging. It has only advantages:

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To discover more about the Slow Cosmétique® Label: